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20 July 2013

Poverty Is A Crime

You can be an asshole corrupt politician and get away with
eating up your people's money.....
You can be an greedy industrialist and escape the gallows  
despite the rate your smoke-laden, radioactive infested
factories are spewing out toxins at an equal rate to Lynas ...
You can be a mafia boss , killing people at a drop of a hat and
yet be given blessings by the Pope , apart from being sought
after by society for your riches
Hell can even be a bloody bitchy ,attention mongering
selfish celebrity for all the world cares....



NO ! At least not in this realistic , materialistic world we live in .
At least NOT in the 21st Century.

As soon as I mention this, the hypocrites in our society will
start lecturing about the importance of good virtues and
respecting each other in spite of caste, and financial status,
equality bla bla bla....

Equality my foot !
No one was born equal to begin with . If we were all equals
then how come we are not born with silver spoons, with
good looks and money to boot ?

Tell me what do the Imams, Popes , Dalai Lamas and religious
people live on ? Sunshine and fresh air ? Daydreams and cheap
talk ? Phwaaaaaaarr....

Whom do the Dalai Lama and Pope always dine with ?
The poor, weak, fallen and sick ? Ho ho ho....
You must be naive enough to believe so... 

Having said that, this is not a personal attack on the so-called
religious people adored by millions of obedient sheeps. It only
goes to show that even the most spiritual people need the support
and appear on camera to be respective of the wealthy. Never mind
if the wealth comes from ill gotten gains. 

Yes, that is the exltent of wealth's influence in this mortal
world of our's....the fact it even penetrates into spiritual

A friend of mine once commented , the poor can't even find time to
shed tears. What tears are there to shed when you're too busy
trying to eke out a living while your hungry children scavange for
morsels of food in the garbage dump ? Is it not a crime to starve
your offspring ? To devoid your kids off a normal childhood ?

What tears are there to shed when a loved one's sick and dying
in a hospital while waiting for you to gather enough monetary
resources to keep him alive ? Meanwhile in a nearby luxurious
ward, the rich man is given priority treatment and quickly recovers
while you knock your stupid head and "why-oh-why can't you find
enough money . Is it not murder to watch your family die 
helplessly just because you can't afford to sustain them ?

What tears are there to shed when the corrupted elected official
buys your vote with just a paltry 1 sack of rice ? Because you
are poor, uneducated and ignorant, the sight of a sack of rice
means much more to you than the future of your children under
a useless government . Is it not a crime to gamble with your
descendant's right to a free and an uncorrupted country ?

Now, who wants to tell me that poverty is not a crime ?

12 December 2011

Xmas In The Tropics

It's the time of the year again and Bear Wife has been procrastinating
on the whole lot of things.....

Blimey...yuletide season is around the corner, and a gal deserves a
break once in a while doesn't she ? Whats more with all the shopping
and pregnancy aches....Sigh.

Guilty as she is, at least Bear Wife does find some time to share
her Xmas joy with fellow readers. you go, some very warm pictures from my pre-Xmas outings 
to fill your empty days
Merry Xmas in advance !

Undersea World theme @ 1Utama Mall

Funfair Wonderland Theme @ Pavillion Mall

And saving the best for the last.......

Miserable looking Xmas tree in Hubby Bear's household

The Christmas Song ( Nat King Cole )

Jingle Bells ( Frank Sinatra )

Let It Snow ( Dean  Martin )